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released July 12, 2018

GURT - teeth oboe
jimmy eberle - pedal and stick pusher
colin fergie - brvvvvv
mark plant - screeee


all rights reserved



dentist St. Louis, Missouri

Plaque that ass up

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Track Name: I Hope You Feel OK
“ “
“Did you need it?”
“ “
“What about me?”

You left me with him.
Track Name: Hitting A Wall
Stay the fuck away from, you make me sick.
No, not this time. I’m not taking your shit.

I don’t wanna talk about what I already know.
I don’t wanna see your face, leave me alone.
I don’t wanna talk about what you don’t care to know.
I don’t wanna fucking hear it, let me go.
Track Name: Sorry This Song Isn't About My Period
Put me on a shelf
Make me just like everyone else
Put me in a bag
Throw me in the fucking trash

I’ll wear a push up bra, but only if you buy it.
My hair’d be longer if you didn’t make me wanna rip it out.

Sorry I’m not what you want, sorry I’m not what you need me to be.
Oh wait, no I’m not.
Track Name: Stagged In The Back
I’m sorry... are you offended? You’re just too sensitive. But I don’t care, about your feelings. I’m really cool, I swear I’m really cool. But I don’t care about your feelings. Do you like me? I need you to like me, but fuck your well-being
Track Name: I’m gonna blow it up (Ballpark Village)
Burn it to the ground, oh how sweet the sound.
All those yuppies scream, rooting for their team.

Ballpark Village Blow it up
All you yuppies go get fucked

Blow it up
Go get fucked
Track Name: Control Freaky
Pull my hair, tie me down. Wash your hands, don’t make me frown.
Brush your teeth, wear clean underwear, don’t touch me with your feet anywhere.
You will keep me in my clothes if I see you pick your nose.

Control freaky, but you love me.
Track Name: My Boss, My Fist, and His Face
I don’t need this shitty job I won’t come in today.
I don’t like this shitty job I’m just here to get paid.
I’m not comin in today except to smash his face.

My boss, my fist, his face.

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